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"Knowledge is not power until you use it!"

Our workshops are designed to inform and inspire. We cannot do better unless we know better. It's simple but it's true.
Many presenters have mastered the ability to talk about the problems, but they offer few solutions. We are determined to avoid that trap.
We draw on our personal and professional experience to present a concise analysis of the challenges and practical, proven solutions.

The Number One Presentation for parents, teachers and all who are concerned about black children. One of the most important presentations you will ever experience!

Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential:
The 7 Keys to Developing the Genius Inherent in All Black Children

     There are seven key components that must be instilled in the lives of all black children if they are to reach their full potential. In this workshop, we fully explain the components and why they are critical to the success of all black children. While most of the seven components are applicable to all children, we specifically show parents, teachers and others how to instill these components into the lives of black children.
     The data shown on our homepage paints a bleak picture of the dilemma black children appear to be stuck in. But this crisis can be resolved if the parents of black children understand what they must do to build a foundation for their children's success. At the same time, teachers and others in position of influence over black children must understand their role in helping black children reach their full potential. Everyone must accept their obligation to help black children.  
Single Black Mothers & Their Sons:
Raising Them or Loving Them to Death?
  • Can Black mothers teach their sons how to be men?
  • Are Black mothers raising their sons to be absentee fathers?
  • 70% of African-American children are in single parent homes

We honor the Black mothers that are doing it by themselves, but they deserve help and we are here to help.
     There is an alarming epidemic taking place in Black America. Single mothers are raising their sons too often without help from the father. What does this mean for the future of Black people in America?
     The majority of incarcerated Black males were raised by single mothers. The majority of absentee fathers were raised by single mothers.
This is a life changing workshop for single mothers and those who care.
  • Learn what it takes to transform our boys into men
  • Learn how to raise your sons and not just love them
  • Learn where to find responsible male mentors for you sons
  • Learn how to help your sons achieve success in school
  • Learn how to prepare your sons to respect all females
Black College Students:                                             Their Challenges & Responsibilities
     Every year, black college students take on tremendous debt as they seek to earn a college degree. So the question is: Are they getting their money's worth? 
     Many college students leave school without a degree. Some take more than the allotted four years to earn a four year degree and those who earn degrees, come out with the aforementioned debt and few job prospects, especially jobs in their field of study. 
     In this workshop, we offer students practical tips on how to have a successful college career. But most importantly, we help prepare them for life after college.

  • Did they choose the correct major in order to achieve real success in life?
  • How should they define success?
  • Should they leave school looking for the "good" job or to create their own opportunity?
  • Do they have a responsibility to the greater black community?
  • What life lessons and values should they take from their elders as they embark on their life journey?
  • Are they prepared to achieve financial security?