The Positive Development             of the Black family

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​​If you are concerned about the future of black children, you must read this book!
  • What are the seven keys to developing the genius in all black children?
  • "Spare the rod, spoil the child", what does it really mean?
  • Who are the most influential persons in the lives of children?
  • Can black children be saved? If yes, how.
  • The answers are in this life changing, life saving book.                         BUY IT NOW!

Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential:
                The 7 Keys to Developing the Genius                   Inherent in All Black Children

As an educational consultant, I developed a workshop entitled Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: The 7 Keys to Developing Genius Inherent in All Black Children. The workshop became my most requested presentation with parents, teachers, social service agencies and community organizations. Many of those who attended my workshop requested that I put the information in a book. Ultimately, I agreed and the book has proven to be very successful. 
    This is a book that should be read by parents, teachers and everyone that's concerned about the future of black children. The worse thing that can happen to any child is to have their potential go unfulfilled. It leads to poor self-esteem and it leads to poor decision making and the consequences can be life threatening. 
     It is the obligation of every adult that has responsibility for a child to properly nurture that child to help them reach their full potential. This book helps to provide the information, the understanding and the practical skills necessary for all adults to fulfill their obligation. Buy a copy for yourself and for someone you want to help.

Steve White


The Adventures of Princess Jadyn
      I'm no Princess explores the prospective of Jadyn, a young African American girl, conditioned by societal images into believing she does not fit the mold of a “REAL” princess. With the encouragement of her supportive family and help from the brilliant Princess of Dreamers, Jadyn and her cousin are taken on an adventure of the heart and learn the magical power of believing in themselves. The magic certainly     stirs-up once the girls believe.
     I'm no Princess was written to encourage every child to embrace her unique identity. In addition, this book will help all children accept, as truth, that all things are possible to those who believe.
Written by Kaamilah Chester
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The self-esteem of black girls has been severely damaged by a combination of overexposure to negative images and very limited exposure to positive images. Black girls need to have their beauty and their intellect valued. I highly recommend this book for every black girl and for every girl who loves a good story. Bonus: boys will love this book as well.
Steve White