The Positive Development             of the Black family

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The Black Family  in Crisis!
The root meaning of the word educate is educe which means to bring out or develop that which is latent or lying dormant.

Only 18% of black 4th Graders are reading proficient

Only 19% of black 4th Graders are math proficient

Only 16% of black 8th Graders are reading proficient

​Only 13% of black 8th Graders are math proficient

There are 7 keys to developing the genius inherent in all black children. Read this book and learn what they are. Order your copy now. $10.00

"We use education in its purest sense to aid  in the positive development of the Black family."

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  • Less than 60% of black males graduate high school.

  • Blacks make up 12% of America's population, but 40% of America's prison population. 

  • 70% of black children are raised in single parent homes.

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The Crisis Exists, But So Does The Solutions 

     The disproportionate number of black children failing in America's schools. The disproportionate number of black youth and black adults languishing in America's juvenile and adult prisons. Single parents struggling to raise their children. A disproportionate number of black people being murdered at the hands of each other and at the hands of the police. The crisis exists, but so does the solutions.    
     When it comes to effectively addressing the unique challenges facing the black family, there is no educational company more equipped than Hattie's Child LLC to handle the challenges. 
     As the president of Hattie's Child, I bring more than 30 years of hands-on experience as an educator, mentor and author. As a result, we have built a full service educational firm that takes a holistic approach to our work. We address the mental, spiritual and physical development of the black family. Our work doesn't hinge on unproven theories, nor do we pay lip service to the life threatening challenges facing the black family. We are in the trenches everyday working directly with teachers, social service agencies, colleges and universities, churches, prisons, community organizations, municipalities, and most importantly, we are doing hands-on work with parents and children.
     Check out the informative and inspiring workshops and lectures that we offer. Learn about prison reentry programs that help prepare adults and juveniles to reenter society as productive individuals. Our personal development and mentoring program for black males is one of the most successful mentoring programs in the country. Our academic summer camps provide a unique and safe summer experience for middle school students. Our books provide practical information for all who are concerned about the crisis facing the black family. The bottom line is that we offer concrete solutions to the challenges facing the entire black family. We ask that you join us in this noble and necessary quest.
Steve White
                                                                                             The time is now!  INFORM! INSPIRE! ACT!
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From Black Boy      to Black Man:      What Does It Take?

Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential:

The Seven Keys to Building A New Man
A Transformative Prison         Re-entry Program

Academic Summer Camps for Middle School Students

     There are seven key components that must be instilled in the lives of all black children if they are to reach their full potential. In this workshop, we teach parents and teachers how to instill those components into the lives of all black children. Until our children have a life they can   embrace with pride, they will continue to engage in destructive behavior. We must help black children reach their full potential.
     It has been proven that students lose a lot of what they learn in school over the summer. We have the answer. We develop and administer academic summer camps for middle school students. We provide  academic enhancement, fun classes as well as exciting and informative field trips.
     We have demonstrated that students who attend our camps have improved grades, and juvenile crime is reduce. Contact us for more information.
     What does it take for Black boys to make the transition to true manhood?
     What does it take to develop the genius potential inherent in all Black males?
       The answers are found in this life-changing personal development and mentoring program designed for Black males, ages 12 and up.

       This is a transformative prison reentry program for black male inmates.  Seven of every ten black men released from prison returns.  This program was created to prepare black men to re-enter society as productive husbands, fathers, sons and positive contributors to their communities.
     Each specially selected topic in this program is designed to address the unique needs of black males who are presently incarcerated or recently released.
 We are educators, not trainers. Our goal is to bring out the genius that is lying dormant in every member of the black family. The crisis in the Black family is real, but proper education is the key to solving the crisis. We invite you to join us.
Hattie's Child LLC
Transformative Educational Services

The Positive Development of the Black Family

  • Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: The Seven Keys to Developing the Genius Inherent in All Black Children
  • From Black Boy to Black Man: What Does It
  • The 7 Keys to Building A New Man: A Transformative Reentry Program for Black Male Inmates
  • Academic Summer Camps for Middle School Students
  • Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: (The Book)
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